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Platform and Analytics

Multi-product Solution


EverMind is not limited to a single product. We’ve created a platform to provide solutions for today’s most pressing mental health challenges.

Our platform allows expansion to a full suite of computer-guided mental health solutions to meet your needs. Dashboards for users, care providers, clinical monitors, and administrators provide seamless implementation.


Partner with us to modernize mental healthcare.


Platform Features

Private, self-directed interface to overcome barriers to care

Convenient access to multiple digital mental health tools in one place

Clinician dashboards enable oversight of progress, safety, and outcomes

Administrative dashboards show aggregate outcomes

User dashboards

Core of assessments

Analytics to demonstrate results


Weekly progress tracking and session summaries

Individual and aggregate reports available

Demographics for sub analyses

EverMind provides leaders, administrators, clinicians, and researchers the data they need to evaluate results. Researchers at everMind ensure that relevant outcome measures are included across the platform and within specific interventions.

Data collected within ePST are used to tailor the virtual therapist’s responses to emulate live human interaction. This conveys the warmth and support of an experienced professional. This approach keeps users engaged, on-track, and focused on results.


The platform architecture is optimized to allow seamless integration and flexibility.

ePST user viewing charts of results.