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Join us and modernize mental healthcare 


Mental health impacts 450 million people worldwide.2 How do you meet growing mental health needs... and contain costs?


Depression is like a dark fog...

Constant, downward, spiral thinking.

It can ruin lives.

75% of people do not receive help3

Shortage of trained clinicians

Inconvenience, cost, unwanted side effects

People want to handle things on their own


Together we can increase access to evidence-based mental health treatment.

EverMind offers digital treatments that improve well-being and reduce medical costs. We work with organizations to disseminate our tools to their clientele and employees.

Together we make mental healthcare private, convenient, and accessible to everyone.


Benefits of Implementing

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Reduce Costs

Scalable and affordable

Lower medical costs by improving mental health

Focus clinical resources wisely

Improve Access

Self-directed and personalized, stand-alone treatment

Convenient – begin immediately from any device

Low-risk first step for those not needing, wanting, or able to seek live care

Provides a gateway to live therapy

Effective Care

Established treatment (CBT)

Expert delivery

Backed by 5 clinical studies

Engaging – greater uptake and better outcomes

Responsible Results

Oversee progress and safety

Private, HIPPA compliant

Analytics demonstrate outcomes


ePST is available through organizations of all kinds.