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Established by clinical psychologists with deep roots in evidence-based treatment,  commitment to a scientific approach, and passion for reaching the most people in need.


Space Therapy Reaches Earth

EverMind leverages technology developed to help astronauts in space to provide scalable solutions for mental health challenges. Our flagship product, ePST for depression, was initially developed for, and funded by, NASA.

ePST was designed as a component of a full system to help astronauts manage their own psychosocial problems in space, the Virtual Space Station.

Its underlying technology replicates the warmth and support of live therapy within a fully autonomous system. This innovation enables us to make evidence-based mental health treatments widely accessible even when therapists are in short supply.

Adapted for Global Distribution

EverMind has adapted ePST for general use. Our platform enables global distribution. It integrates treatments with analytics to monitor outcomes and provide clinical oversight. Additional tools for other mental health concerns will join ePST on the platform.


Access to mental healthcare for everyone, everywhere.    


EverMind technology was developed for NASA at Harvard Medical School. EverMind also has strong ties to Dartmouth College, where team members have been on the faculty. Dartmouth researchers helped initially tailor ePST for astronauts and have conducted research on its utility.


Evidence-based Care

Today’s research supported treatments can effectively treat many mental health concerns. However, therapists with specialized training in evidence-based treatments are in short supply. As a result, most people in need aren’t getting access to effective help. EverMind’s vision is to change that. 


“We can reach so many more people with the same effective methods that work in clinical practice.”

— Claudia Zayfert


We start with well-established, scientifically supported treatments that we transform to computer-guided delivery. We test the digital products in research trials and then, analyze the outcomes of clinical use.


1. Use scientifically
supported treatments

2. Test digital product
in research trials

3. Evaluate outcomes
of clinical use


ePST delivers Problem-solving Treatment (PST), an evidence-based treatment for depression. This type of cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most widely studied, and its effectiveness is well established. ePST is supported by 5 clinical studies.

Clinical data show that 80% of users complete treatment and they experience a 42% reduction in their depression.


Our Values

EverMind is committed to a sustainable business model guided by humanistic values

Benefiting Humanity

Using technology to better lives

Global Reach

Products developed to meet needs of diverse users globally


Relying on scientific evidence to guide our products and measuring their impact


Fair and honest in our business practices

People First

Empowering our users, customers, and employees