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ePST® is a tool to help you improve access to care. It was created by clinicians to reach people who are not getting needed treatment.

ePST enables providers to oversee progress and safety of users while they focus on

  • Treating other conditions 
  • Helping clients in need of more intensive care
  • Reaching more people in need

Research-backed Interventions

ePST provides evidence-based Problem-solving Treatment (PST), one of the most well researched treatments for depression. ePST also includes behavioral activation, which directs clients to schedule enjoyable activities each week. ePST is backed by research.


ePST can serve as a

Gateway to live counseling

Low-risk first step for those not needing, wanting, or able to seek live counseling

Self-directed and personalized stand-alone treatment

Supplement to treatment for co-occurring issues, group therapy, or pharmacotherapy

NASA Technology

NASA technology is at the core of ePST. This enables the ePST virtual therapist, an expert clinician specialized in PST, to provide standardized, yet personalized, problem-solving therapy.


Stepped Care

Provide ePST as an initial intervention for your patients; migrate to higher levels of care as needed.


ePST is FDA cleared and HIPAA compliant.

Tailored for You

ePST can be readily tailored for your population needs, such as alternative languages and cultures.

MSU students who used ePST found it helpful and showed improvement in depression; several asking to use it again!
— Leigh White, MD, Director, Psychiatry Services
Associate Director, Counseling and Psychiatry Services
Michigan State University

Clients can access ePST anytime, anywhere, while you monitor progress, safety, and outcomes.