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ePST for Depression


If you are feeling overwhelmed, down, or depressed, you are not alone. ePST can help.

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ePST is electronic problem-solving treatment, a digital health tool to reduce depression and manage stress. Organizations can partner with everMind to disseminate this innovative treatment.

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Users learn skills to solve daily life problems


Problems can be stressful and cause or worsen depression. ePST teaches you how to get some control over problems. By addressing problems head-on, symptoms improve, you feel better.


ePST uses technology developed for NASA to treat astronauts in space. Our technology provides a warm and responsive user experience. It keeps users engaged, on-track, and focused on results.


Features of ePST


Requires little reading

Interact with a virtual therapist

6 evidence-based treatment sessions

Life-like responses tailored to user inputs

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Benefits of Partnership

A stand-alone treatment, or a supplement to other care

Personalized for each user

Fully self-directed yet enables oversight of progress and safety

Flexible design customizable for various user groups

Analytics to show outcomes


Your organization can make effective treatment private, convenient, and accessible to everyone.