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How ePST Works

ePST® helps you get control over your problems.


Problems in life can cause or worsen depression. Low energy and loss of interest make it hard to work on issues, creating a downward spiral in mood. Problems continue to build up, and unsolved problems make depression worse.


Why this Treatment Works


ePST is a personalized, interactive treatment for depression. An expert virtual therapist helps users learn how to address problems in daily life and take action. 


Addressing problems head-on reduces depression

A greater sense of control

Improved mood

Reduced stress


ePST uses Problem-solving Treatment (PST), a well-researched therapy. PST improves users’ ability to handle life's challenges. Addressing problems head-on gives you some control. When you have some control, you feel better about yourself: 


You feel more hopeful and energetic

Your outlook improves and your activity goes up

This creates an upward spiral in your mood

Easy Implementation for Organizations

Organizational Use

For organizations, adding ePST is simple. Your users log into the everMind platform, and ePST, directly from your website. We personalize your ePST interface with your logo, user agreement (and optional website widget).

"EverMind’s customer service is excellent. EverMind's first tool, ePST - a user-friendly,
digital treatment for depression, is improving access to care for our students and
we are excited to see the mobile interface."

Leigh White, MD
Director, Psychiatry Services
Associate Director, Counseling and Psychiatry Services
Michigan State University

Promotional tools and support are available for social media, print, and digital use. 

If you are an individual interested in using ePST, send us a message.