computer program for depression

ePST® is an engaging, personal and private software program that helps you learn to reduce depression and manage stress.

You have probably been referred to use ePST® by a healthcare provider or clinic, or maybe you have heard about it from a friend or family member. 

ePST can help your depression using an evidence-based approach known as Problem Solving Treatment (PST).  PST is one of the most widely studied cognitive behavioral therapies for depression. By helping your learn ways to address problems in life, PST can lead to a greater sense of control, improved mood and reduced stress.

When you use ePST, you will be guided by a virtual therapist—a professional clinician who will guide you through the steps to addressing your problem and taking action to move your life forward.  ePST combines the warmth and caring of live therapy with the convenience of a computer-guided program.

We hope that the links below provide answers to questions you may have. You are not alone, and ePST can get you going in the right direction.


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