ePST®: electronic Problem Solving Treatment

An engaging, individually tailored computer-based treatment for depression.

ePST®  is a media-rich interactive program that requires little reading. Users interact with an on-screen virtual therapist, simulating a conversation with a master clinician who conveys the warmth, encouragement, and support of live therapy. The on-screen clinician guides users through each session, with tailored responses to user inputs. This recreates the patient-therapist dynamic, keeping users engaged, on-track, and focused on results.

Individualized feedback and troubleshooting enable participants to learn and refine life-long problem solving skills, just as they would when working with a live therapist. With guided practice, participants internalize the process so that the skills learned through ePST can be applied independently, providing a life-long approach to mitigate depression and stress.

My depression slowly lifted. It was an interesting way for me to climb out of my little dark space. I realized that I had to own my problems and I had to bring myself out of it. And it gave me the tools to do that, whereas I do not feel the normal clinical setting would do that for me. And those tools I’ve been able to apply in other areas of my life, and it’s been very beneficial.
— ePST User

ePST closely follows the well-validated Problem-Solving Treatment (PST) for Primary Care manual. An on-screen master clinician guides the user through learning the seven steps of problem-solving. After an introductory session and pre-assessment, users embark on six sessions of PST guided by the video coach. The expert coach walks users through the steps of learning problem-solving skills, including:

  • identifying problems
  • brainstorming options for solutions to try
  • creating and implementing action plans to address problems in daily life.

Participants learn how to find the weak-spots in their problem-solving process, and to hone their abilities to continue using them after program completion. At the conclusion of each session, participants are assisted in scheduling enjoyable activities for the coming week.

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