Anil Thapliyal MEd (Couns), BSc, MNZAC, JP

Strategic Advisor - International

Anil is committed to improving health and wellbeing through seamless integration of technology within health care systems.

Anil's passion for the e-Mental Health domain began with his longstanding work with the National Depression Initiative in New Zealand (The Lowdown and The Journal). As a recognized expert in the implementation of e-mental health programs and services, he advises government agencies in New Zealand and internationally. He has led development of key e-mental health strategy for provincial and federal governments in Canada, including preparation of policy documents such as, “e-Mental Health in Canada (2014):  Transforming the Mental Health System Using Technology - A Briefing Document for Mental Health Commission of Canada, Ottawa, Canada. Anil also was integral the team that prepared, “Advice on Innovative Technologies in e-Mental Health (2014): Briefing Paper for the National Mental Health Commission of Australia.”

Anil is currently Adjunct Professor and Head of the e-Mental Health & Addictions at the Centre for eHealth, Auckland University of Technology, where he works at the cutting edge of e-mental health implementation science. His expertise includes 1) policy, funding and planning imperatives across public health settings, 2) user engagement in program design, 3) evidence-based e-mental health approaches, 4) collaboration with industry, and 5) integration of e-mental health with the clinical workflow. 

Anil completed his post-graduate qualifications in Mental Health and Counselling from the University of Auckland and is CEO of HealthTRx Limited, Auckland, New Zealand.