James A. Cartreine, PhD

Co-Founder, Product Lead

James Cartreine, PhD

Jim is a clinical psychologist and an interactive media producer on the faculty of Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, where he is specialized training in cognitive behavioral therapy and trains clinicians in problem-solving therapy. His research in the Program on Behavioral Informatics and eHealth therapies at Brigham and Women’s Hospital examined the utility of autonomous interactive media programs for mental health and training.

Jim is the chief creative force behind everMind™ programs and has been developing multimedia programs to promote psychological well-being for nearly 20 years. Among Jim’s principal accomplishments is the production of a suite of interactive media programs to help astronauts manage the psychological challenges of long-duration space flight. With funding from NSBRI, he developed the infrastructure of the Virtual Space Station, a system of programs that addresses various sources of stress that can emerge during space missions. The system includes computer-automated programs to help astronauts cope with depression, manage interpersonal conflicts and manage chronic stress associated with space flight.

Jim is a graduate of Gustavus-Adolphus College, attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, NOVA University and received his doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the University of Mississippi. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Dartmouth Medical School and was on the Dartmouth faculty working in the Interactive Media Laboratory prior to joining the Harvard faculty in 2000.

We’re providing evidence-based interventions as part of a model for next-generation mental health services. EverMind scales up treatments previously available only from specially-trained clinicians.
— James A. Cartreine, PhD