How ePST® can help clinics meet student's needs

When a student health clinic offers ePST® software, they expand the options for students seeking assistance. ePST reaches students where they are comfortable and can be a gateway to live therapy. Health centers can recommend ePST to students who are reluctant to seek help or who are waiting for an appointment with a live counselor, thus providing immediate support to students who may have a small window when they are open to receiving help.

ePST can be offered as a complement to other treatment, including pharmacological treatment, as it can offer the patient tools to build resilience and to better manage their stress and depression.

Electronic delivery of services is typically well-received by students; they are able to work through the program in the clinic setting at their convenience and at their discretion while clinicians monitor their progress and remain available for questions or further intervention.

Enrolling students is easy, and the program can accommodate students’ changing schedules. ePST enables counseling staff to focus on students who need other forms of treatment while monitoring users’ clinical status and progress through PST.

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