Convenient, private, and readily available

Computer-guided solutions that overcome treatment barriers

Addressing the obstacles that many individuals face in obtaining counseling services has proven difficult. Barriers include lack of convenient access to affordable care, concerns about privacy, perceived social stigma, a shortage of mental healthcare providers, and the desire to “handle myself.” everMind™ computer-guided solutions overcome these barriers by offering interaction with a responsive and caring virtual therapist within a convenient and accessible computer-guided program. Well-established evidence-based therapies are delivered through an engaging, high quality treatment experience.  

everMind offers its programs through healthcare providers, thus maintaining the users’ connection with clinicians who can monitor progress through automated reports and be available to provide additional care if needed. everMind programs provide clinics more treatment options to meet the demand for mental health services. They can be offered alone or in combination with live therapy to extend the impact of clinical care.

everMind’s initial product, ePST®, delivers research-supported treatment for depression and stress. It will be followed by other programs to treat PTSD, anxiety, and other behavioral health issues.

Discover how everMind ePST helps with depression.