Integrating ePST® into clinical care

Listen as a user reflects on her experience with an ePST virtual therapist.

ePST® is available through healthcare providers of all kinds – in counseling centers, mental health programs, primary care clinics, and through employee health and wellness programs. Clinicians identify appropriate candidates for ePST and refer them to the clinic-based program where patients are scheduled to use the program weekly for six sessions in a private setting. Healthcare providers monitor patients' clinical status and progress following each session, enabling clinicians to provide further intervention as needed. At the conclusion of treatment, clinicians review a final report with their patient and plan further treatment if necessary.

ePST treats mood disorders within the depressive disorders spectrum, including major and minor depressive disorder, persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia), depressive disorder due to a medical condition, and sub clinical mood disturbances. ePST also can be used for management of chronic and acute stress related to a variety of situations in daily life.  

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Student health clinics.

Primary care clinics.

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