ePST® is a  valuable resource for employees

Depression threatens employee health and company productivity. 

employee depression

Workforce mental health is a significant challenge for organizations. ePST® software can help. ePST is a warm, engaging, and interactive program that simulates six sessions of live problem-solving therapy. It is an FDA cleared and HIPPA compliant tool that can help Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) treat depression and stress in their workforce.

When EAP resources are limited, ePST enables organizations to offer their employees effective mental health care at a reasonable cost and with no wait-time. As a stand-alone intervention, ePST may appeal to employees reluctant to work with a live counselor. ePST also enables EAP programs to extend treatment options when PST-trained clinicians are not available. It can supplement live counseling for employees whose mental health needs exceed the limits of EAP, providing an additional option before referral to external mental health services. Employees can use ePST in any designated location while a clinician monitors their progress.

Depression is a major factor in employee disability, absenteeism, presenteeism, and productivity loss, estimated to result in 200 million lost workdays each year at a cost to employers of $105 billion annually.6 Problem solving treatment is an evidence-based approach that can reduce depression and stress and give employees skills that can increase effectiveness in their work life.