ePST®: an evidence-based approach to depression

Depression is an enormous problem: about 10% of Americans suffer from depression, but fewer than 20% of those needing care receive even minimally adequate treatment.

ePST® is a computer-based treatment for depression providing Problem-Solving Treatment (PST). A type of cognitive behavioral therapy, PST is one of the most widely studied therapies for depression. Its effectiveness is well established.

PST teaches skills to address problems in life that can contribute to depression – health concerns, finances, relationships, employment, and even mundane daily tasks. Participants are guided step-by-step by a clinician who helps them learn to identify problems, brainstorm possible solutions, and plan and take action to solve their own problems. Taking action leads to a greater sense of control, improved mood and reduced depression. Users of ePST are guided through the steps of PST by a virtual therapist who is an expert in problem solving treatment.

Custom branching allows the videotaped therapist to provide users with the warmth and encouragement of live therapy, tailored to their treatment needs. ePST provides standardized treatment in only six sessions, considerably briefer than most other forms of treatment for depression.

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