ePST®:  Depression management for resource-limited clinics 

ePST® software is a cost-effective tool for population management. Whether used as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other treatments, offering ePST enables clinics to effectively manage depression for many more patients. It is a low-risk first step for those not needing, wanting, or able to seek counseling. It also lets clinics focus their limited resources for live therapy on those most in need.

ePST is:

  • Effective  – built on an established evidence-based clinical approach   
  • Standardized – follows standard protocol for problem solving treatment 
  • Private – complies with HIPPA regulations
  • Timely – can begin immediately  
  • Efficient  – program consists of one registration and six counseling sessions 
  • Engaging – encourages treatment completion with minimal drop-off rate
  • Scalable – can be used by many clients simultaneously
  • Flexible – tailored for each user group
  • Economical – a cost effective way to expand a counseling centers reach
  • FDA Cleared – for treatment of depression and acute and chronic stress

Enrolling patients is easy, delivery can be tailored to each patient, and the program will automatically provide progress reports to assist clinicians with treatment planning. 

Learn about the research support for ePST.

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